Thursday, November 19, 2009

Multitasking your free time

Multitasking is the single biggest tool for boosting productivity at work. Why do just one task at a time, when you can split your attention to multiple tasks and get several things done at once? It's a winning proposition all around.

Then I read about multitasking in another realm: media entertainment. People are increasingly overlapping their entertainment options. They can surf the internet and watch t.v. at the same time. Being more efficient with your entertainment is a great idea! I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, or even made it company policy yet. Once everyone can be more efficient in the downtime, they won't need quite so much time off. That leaves more time for getting work done.

Other increased efficiency multitasking ideas that I like are:
  • Handling phone calls and text messages while driving to and from work. That driving time would otherwise be non-productive time, but the cell phone allows that time to be work time.
  • Working at the dinner table, especially if you have a chalkboard table where you can continue writing down your ideas and to do list while eating. Note that eating at a dinner table should only happen on the weekends. Employees should be at the office over dinner time during the week.
  • Showering and eating at the same time. Both of those tasks take away from the workday. There's no good reason the two can't be combined.

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