Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Control through training

You can train a dog to be obedient.  But can you train an employee to be equally under your control?  It is possible, but there are so many approaches to it, and each person requires a different tactic.  Some employees are best being brow-beaten into submission (my personal favorite), others require subtle psychological manipulation, some need to be treated like children, etc.  I don't always have time to figure out the appropriate training to keeping workers beholden to me.

So, what do I do?  One of my favorite tools is using very specific, niche on the job training.  This works particularly well in a software company.  Build obfuscated, proprietary, in-house software tools for use in the company and require that all workers use the proprietary tools.  That way, all workers receive specialized training that is only useful when working for your company.  There's no need to train people with skills that can carry over to other jobs outside of your company.  When their skillset is only usable under your company, it's much easier to keep employees working for you and under your control.

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