Thursday, June 25, 2009

Double Vision

A major problem with many companies is that the managements vision doesn't necessarily coincide with that of the employees of the company.  Usually, the management wishes to make a ton of money while paying as little as possible to the lazy workers, while the workers have a vision of the company paying them for doing as little work as possible.  This conflict of vision poses a serious problem for the general success of the company.

This is where a strong leader's force of will becomes key.  If you can't get your worker sheep to obediently fall in line, you will have to use more forceful techniques.  Actual physical force against your employees would be ideal, but would probably draw the ire of several government regulatory agencies.  Instead, you can bring new visions to your employees: visions of pink slips floating before their eyes and the imminent threat of your foot kicking their sorry asses out the door.

Instill a culture of control via your financial leash.  Nothing motivates like the idea of the disappearing paycheck.

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