Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seven Levels of PHB

  1. Flat Top (FT) - You've got a bad hair do that should have died out in the 80's.  You ain't got no hair loft, and you're basically on the ground floor.
  2. Hairspray Wannabe (HW) - You're in the fake it 'til you make it stage.  Your hair may not point upward, but hairspray does wonders for making it look like it does.
  3. Madonna Cones (MC) - At this point, you can tilt your head and joust Madonna in her cone armor.
  4. Mount Olympus (MO) - You have achieved true hair elevation.  Clouds form around your head and shroud the peaks in a divine air of mystery.
  5. High Level Despot (HLD) - Workers tremble at your feet and fear the wrath of your pointy hair.  You can manipulate them at will.
  6. Autocrat Anonymous (AA) - Not only are you a total HLD to your underlings, but you've also disappeared off the radar of the higher ups in the company.  You have security via obscurity and the power to control minions.
  7. Emperor's New Clothes - You are totally in charge and have everyone under your command.  You could walk around the office naked and say that you're wearing clothes sewn from gold threads; no one would dare question you.

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