Monday, September 28, 2009

Exercise doesn't control your weight

Everyday the worker grunts leave work around 5 and head straight to the gym to run like rats on treadmills, cycle like fools on bikes, and do their roadrunner impressions on elliptical machines. Why does this pointless ritual get repeated day after day? No matter how much they exercise, they still end up being fat slobs. It turns out that exercise is actually counter-productive for weight loss and weight control. If they want to control their weight, they'd be better served with eating less and stop wasting time going to the gym.

As PHB, I feel it's my duty to do my part to stop this madness. I make all my employees skip lunch and continue working. That way they're not consuming fattening calories and continue burning calories working. Keeping them well past 5 p.m. prevents them from wasting time at the gym. That's energy and time better spent being productive instead of running no where on a treadmill.

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