Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Central Falls: a model for reform

Recently, Central Falls High School fired its entire faculty and staff due to atrocious test scores and graduation rates. I only wish that we could see more of this sort of action at more schools. In fact, I wish I could see this sort of decisive actions at more companies. Workers are on the whole a lazy lot. They are only around to soak up a pay check while pretending to do something productive. When they get unionized (like teachers), things only get worse. They want to get paid for doing basically nothing.

The mass firings at Central Falls is an opportunity to turn around its sorry underperformance due to its underworking teachers. Clearly hiring people interested only in their salaries is a mistake. I propose that we migrate the students to computer based instruction. Computers can work continuously, don't require a salary or benefits, and provide completely subjective metrics. Intelligent tutoring systems can ensure that every student learns the necessary material to complete their education. When we can remove the meddling, error-prone human teachers from the education process, we can finally progress to a subjective, results-driven education to train our children to become productive workers.

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