Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carrot and Stick

Most companies use rewards to motivate their employees and boost performance. The better work the employee does, the more they are rewarded. Unfortunately, this model of boosting employee productivity only works in rote physical labor jobs. Anything involving the slightest bit of brainpower falls apart under this model. Incentivizing skileld brain labor actually reduces employee effectiveness. I see this in my own personal experience. The instant you pay more salary, the less efficient the work done.

The solution to maximizing worker productivity lies not in rewarding your employees. The responsible boss should be actively seeking to pay as little as possible in salary to minimize the incentive dumbing down effect. Motivation must come in a different form: tight deadlines, unreasonable demands, sharp criticisms, etc. If the carrot is such an ineffective tool, we must turn to the stick. Beat your employees down to mold them into efficient company machines.

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