Thursday, August 12, 2010

I like beavers

I love beavers. The furry critters work wood like there's no tomorrow. They are so industrious that even if you were to undo their dams, they could have them rebuilt within 24 hours. I can't even get my employees to have our software rebuilt and working in 24 hours whenever I decide to rip it apart. To watch a beaver working is magical. It worth standing up and paying attention to a beaver in action.

I wish I had hire more beavers to work at the company instead of recalcitrant asses. My employees just plain suck at their jobs and don't put out nearly enough. I'd like nothing more than to bend them over and give them a severe beating. If there weren't labor laws, I wouldn't be wasting company seed money on those worthless bums. Next hiring round, I'll be on the lookout for good beavers.

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