Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Control via exhaustion

Did you know that self control is an exhaustable resource? According to this article:

"Psychologists have discovered that self-control is an exhaustible resource. And I don’t mean self-control only in the sense of turning down cookies or alcohol, I mean a broader sense of self-supervision—any time you’re paying close attention to your actions..."

This is an argument for the hierarchical boss-employee organization. Self control is a limited resource. Once the employees' self-control is exhausted (which doesn't take long, believe me), the boss needs to exert his control over the underling worker. Sometimes you get an ornery employee who insists on controlling his own actions. That's when you resort to your PHB bag o' tricks. Just wear the troublesome employee down until they are exhausted into submission. Remove their self control via exhaustion, and you then have control.

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