Sunday, May 15, 2011

Torturous Effect

As I was recently reading the news, I saw that McCain has spoken out against the use of torture and enhanced interrogations. I used to respect the man, but I can't possibly agree with his ludicrous reasoning. So what if enhanced interrogations didn't directly lead to capturing Obama Bin Laden? Does that mean they didn't have any effect? No, of course torture is effective. I use it, or at least the threat of it, all the time to get more out of my employees.

Even if you're not torturing everyone, just abusing a few is enough to get the rest of the sheep in line. Make an underling grunt the target of your rage and abuse not only makes you feel better, but it establishes you as the alpha boss. You can keep everyone in line from the fear of becoming the next target.

The same principle is at work here. By torturing one man many times, we establish a reputation as tough bastards who don't mess around. Everyone else will cower in fear. Torture had an indirect effect in getting the necessary information. Extraordinary measures are necessary in both the world of international politics and running successful companies.

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  1. You sense of humor is quite dark. I like it. Having said that, I think you should start writing posts on different topics as well. It gets a little boring to read the 5th post about how you made your employees work more.


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