Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, PHB extraordinaire

Pointy-haired bosses get a bad rap from those who are jealous of success. Case in point: Steve Jobs. He's widely regarded as an incredibly successful CEO and effective leader. Under his tenure, Apple has taken off. Has he done that by being a nice guy who coddles his underlings? Hell no! He takes the reins and micromanages. He acts like a royal asshole to get people's lazy asses in gear. What's the result of his actions? He gets credit for bringing immensely successful products to market and for leading his company through a huge boom. He's an effective leader.

I strive to model myself after Jobs. I micromanage my employees, take credit for their work, and generally make myself a total dickwad of a boss. My employees can bitch and complain all they want. If they can't deal with the work, they can go take a non-existent job with the pansy boss at Failures R Us.

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