Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monster Boss

Last year, I posted about monster employees that I encounter. In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would post a similar list for bosses. These are the types of bosses the aspiring PHB can model himself after.

The Mummy - Older than the hills, slow moving, and totally behind the times. This boss type groans all the time while plodding around chasing employees. He still thinks the stuff accumulated in his tomb is still usable.

The Vampire - Has a minor title and an inflated idea of his grandeur. He can't thrive on his own; that's why he has to fly around trying to suck the blood out of others.

The Zombie - Completely brainless. He must constantly seek fresh prey to consume their brains.

The Ghost - Insubstantial has been. Can't do anything effective, except haunt his employees.

The Banshee - Loves the sound of his own voice and loves screaming at his employees.

The Wraith - An evil spirit who just drains the life out of his employees.

The Grim Reaper - Working for this boss is the kiss of death. Your career can do nothing but nosedive straight to hell working for this boss.

The Devil - Evil incarnate himself. The devil boss promises a lot, but his primary interest is in taking your soul.

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