Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Palin Effect

Here at Pointy Hair Pride, we dig Sarah Palin.  She embodies the leadership qualities that every successful pointy haired boss should aspire to.  She's smart, well-spoken, decisive, charsimatic, and bold.  The liberal media is having a field day with her recent resignation, but in the end, it's Palin and her supporters that will have the last laugh.

Sarah Palin shows how much of a badass PHB she is by resigning the governorship of Alaska.  She already showed she can maintain the reins of power in the state while not actually being there.  She took off for a presidential election campaign and did what any good PHB would do: make someone else take care of things.  Sheer brilliance!  Now, she's outgrown the small pond of Alaska and needs to move on to bigger and better things.  Like a true point guard diva, she can pass the ball and leave the game anytime she wants.  The critics who say she's shirking her responsibilities don't understand that the boss can do whatever he or she wants.  That's part of being in power.  If she chooses to quit to do something else, that's her prerogative, and the only thing the lefties can do is whine.

After some well deserved R&R and perhaps some super fun aerial M16 hunting of some big game, I'm sure Palin will rise through the political ranks and prod our current lame duck president into sensible policy decisions.  She's rising through the ranks quickly, and I for one am inspired by this rockstar PHB.

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