Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PHB Profile: Sylvio Berlusconi

How many people do you know who are tried for corruption charges six times and get off each time?  I only know of one person, and he's the focus of this PHB profile.  You can't get much more pointy haired bad ass than Sylvio Berlusconi.  The man rose through Italy's political ranks to run the country and used his PHB prowess during his ascent.  Charges of tax fraud, bribery, corruption, false accounting, and embezzlement have been brought against him by numerous parties.  But everything just bounced off of him and never stuck.

Even more amazing is his bold ability to use his power and influence to have public affairs with women five decades younger than him.  Such infidelities would ruin most political figures, but not Sylvio.  He has the savvy to use his media empire to deflect the bad publicity and can even demand that his wife publicly kowtow to him for the accusations of infidelity.  That's the sign of a true alpha PHB, deftly wielding power and influence to his advantage.

Pointy Hair Pride gives its salute to you, Mr. Berlusconi.  You are a shining beacon to PHBs everywhere.

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