Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Slacking Profesoras

As a former professor, I know how much work being in academia is. I worked my ass off to become tenured. I managed to raise my kids, form a highly successful software company, and be a top researcher in my field. When I read this article about the supposed plight of female professors, I was incensed. Please, spare me the sob story. If a woman feels that having children and professorial duties conflict, then she should obviously not have children. She just can't hack it as a normal working adult.

It just goes to show that hiring a woman for any important position is a dicey proposition. The maternity leave and child care hassles make a woman more of a liability than an asset. Don't believe me? Take a look at Germany. You know why you don't see many female doctors in Germany? Because of the entirely too long maternity leave that companies are required to give mothers. Why would anyone take on a woman for a job if she could have a baby and be out of the workforce (but still on the payroll) for a year? No fiscally responsible organization would. Universities need to re-examine whether it makes sense to hire women professors when the possibility of children could drastically reduce their ability to perform their job.

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