Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad economy = PHB advantage

The June unemployment numbers are in, and they aren't pretty.  Depending on how you crunch the numbers, the nation's unemployed are estimated anywhere from 9.5% to 16.5%.  While this may seem dismal and depressing, it's actually a boon for pointy haired bosses everywhere.

The job market is so weak now that people are desperate for work.  So desperate in fact that they are even willing to work as unpaid interns in hopes of landing a full time job in the future.  What could be better?  You're getting completely free labor!  All you have to give back in exchange is some work.  Sign me up!  I'll shift my workload over to an unpaid worker.  If you can manage to fly under the radar of the labor department, you could even start displacing your paid workers and reduce your wage costs.  The unemployment news sounds grim, but it comes with its own silver lining.

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