Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Outsourcing for fun and profit

If there's one thing I hate about paying domestic employees, it's that I have to pay them.  Just about the only plus side to using an North American employee is that they usually have a good command of spoken English, but even that's not a given considering how poorly educated this country is.  Domestic employees are just far too expensive for what little work you can extract from them.

A better option for driving the success of your PHB aspirations is to consider foreign outsourcing.  Some people may say it's un-American to send money out of the country, but I say what can be more American than wanting to earn money and get ahead?  What is this country about if not for taking advantage of others for own own profit?  Overseas outsourcing is great for this.  Foreign outsourced workers answer your beck and call because your money is worth more than their third world currency.  They work long hours because you're in total control of their financial purse-strings.  And best of all, they're a hell of a lot cheaper than their domestic worker counterparts.  You can realize a 75% cost (or more!) in wage payment costs by just outsourcing and firing your domestic employees.

As a final note, you can save even more money by the fact that the foreign workers are overseas and highly unlikely to have any legal protections.  If they aren't protected by labor laws, you don't have to worry about regulations on their hours or their treatment on the job.  You don't even have to pay them on a regular basis since they are at your mercy. If you know you're going to drop them anyhow for another cheaper outsourced worker, you can just not pay the outsourced worker.  Just say that you'll pay after a certain milestone is met (which of course, you'll never do) and then switch over to the new cheaper worker.  You get continuity of work and minimal overhead from worker wages.  It's a PHB win-win situation!

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