Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Labor 3: Tech Support

Another way that I get free work done for me is to use technical support. My software code frequently doesn't work and I try to get other people to fix it for me under the guise of being an problem with third party software. This is the way it works: call up technical support and complain loudly and persistently until you get a hold of an engineer to troubleshoot for you. Usually any phone support person has to be cordial (remember, the customer is always right!). If you are persistent enough, you can eventually browbeat the engineer into taking a look at your code, ostensibly to find out what is causing the problem with their software.

In the case of larger software companies, like Microsoft, they even have remote login capabilities to support their customers. You can get an engineer who will remotely log into your system to troubleshoot. While you have them logged in, you just have them take a look at your code and a few extra things. I've been able to have support personnel and engineers working for me for hours on end using this little trick. It works brilliantly for getting free work done.

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