Friday, July 2, 2010

Outside the box in 48 Hours

One thing that last led to my continued success as head honcho at my companies is my ability to think outside the box. I recently came across 48 Hour Magazine where the whole concept is to generate a professional quality magazine in a mere two days, from start to finished production. That's getting stuff done! I can't even get my own staff to get simple things done in that amount of time.

This sort of outside-the-box thinking rings with me. I take a different approach to developing my software products. I have my programmers develop all of our code in a proprietary language I invented. Conforming to industry standard programming languages was too constraining a box, so I stepped outside of it and made my own programming language that works for me. Rather than hire expensive degreed domestic programmers, I outsource all of our development to temporary foreign workers who do all the development work by remotely logging into our company servers. In this way, I can watch all the developers working on a common server and control everything from one central command console. I also save on equipment costs since I don't have to provide workstations for all the developers. That cost savings has been a real boon for me. Outsourcing the development work to many different foreign workers also serves to decentralize the knowledge and work. Since I've spread out the work between a number of different developers, company knowledge and experience is distributed among numerous developers so that there is no single point of failure.

Outside the box thinking is what makes my companies so agile and successful. I can't get my workers to throw together in 48 hours, though I often try to light the fire by setting regular deadlines. But I do other things to ensure that my diffuse company keeps moving forward.

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