Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Laziest Countries

In a survey recently released by the OECD (a.k.a. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, not be confused with the pesky Organization of Employees for Comfortable Desks), countries were ranked based on how long its citizens spent sleeping and eating.  Obviously, such a study is interesting to Pointy Hair Pride since those are both activities which take away from time our employees are working for us.

Disappointingly, the U.S. ranks pretty high with the average person sleeping 8.5 hours a night.  That's unbelievable!  What are all these people doing sleeping so much?  I was also sorely disappointed with the Koreans and Japanese who were still holding their own with 8 hours.  Sure, they were pretty low in the rankings, but 8 hours of sleep is way too much for people that need to get work done.  The French topped the list at 9 hours average sleep per night.  It's no wonder they get nothing done over there.

When you factor in time spent eating, things look even worse.  The Japanese spend nearly 2 hours a day eating.  I used to think they were such a productive people.  And the French spend over 2 hours a day just eating!  I don't see how anyone get waste that much time eating.  Personally, I think people just need to grab a bite to eat and keep working at their desks.  Taking a lunch break is a terrible waste of productive time.

All in all, the results of the survey are disappointing to me as a PHB.  If my employees are getting that much rest and spending that much time eating, then I'm obviously not keeping tabs on them enough.  I'm not terribly shocked about the French since their leisurely culture never gets anything done anyhow.  I've never hired a Frenchie, and after seeing these survey results, I never will!

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