Saturday, May 23, 2009

Right of Way

Nowadays, there is a lot of pansy talk about having discussions to resolve disagreements and trying to build consensus amongst a team. Well, all I have to say is bullshit!  I can't believe I have to listen to this hogwash.  As a proud Pointy Haired Boss, I don't have to grow moobs and deal with disagreement.  As a famous PHB once said, "I am the decider!" The ultimate decision lies in my hands for a reason.

You do occasionally have to put on a show of listening to input from your underlings to prevent an open revolt.  You may even glean something useful from the act (though my guess would be probably not). If you do gain something from underling input, remember to claim it as your own since everything they do belongs to you anyhow. In the end, you can choose to ignore everything your underlings say because they are of little consequence. You are higher up the food chain and dictate what happens. Being right is the automatic privilege of being a PHB.  The common adage may be that might doesn't make right; but whoever coined that phrase was probably an puny underling. As a PHB, you outrank your underlings. This is a clear case where might does indeed make you right.

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